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Zwieg BT

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#1 chem



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Posted 23 January 2019 - 12:53 PM

The next few weeks are probably key to the rest of 2019...


1/7 thru 1/10 were ZBT days amounting to 4 consecutive breadth thrusts. This is the most occurrences for any signal out of the '09 low - March '09 was a 3x ZBT. The has had four ZBTs during this bull run, the '09 and '11 signals achieved the objective of 20% rally within 12 months while the last two, coming in '13 and '15 both failed in that the '13 thrust took 14 months to achieve the 20% advance and the '15 BT was followed by the '16 new price low below the price lows which setup the Oct '15 ZBT signal. Note that the did eventually advance the requisite 20% just shy of 2 years from the initial signal.


Either way success or failure for this signal it appears a price retest of the signal is necessary with 2549 being the close of the first ZBT of the series and ideally to be tested. Object is 3090 (average closing price of the 4 ZBT plus 20%) by early Jan 2020.


Just a heads up - unless some serious weakness shows up in the market breadth on this pull back - nod should be to a bullish resolution...



#2 q4wer



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Posted 23 January 2019 - 01:11 PM

Wish China seriously proposes how to protect IP and convince USA their plan.


This should make a tariff deal soon,  a relief rally will follow.