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#1 tommyt



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Posted 23 March 2020 - 10:31 PM

We are getting down to the bottom of the SPX daily megaphone, Indu already through it, as Dex posted in the Stock Charts interview with Bruce Fraser.  The intersection is 2100ish, its an area to buy now, supporting it are the VIX fading well off highs, unwind of books into qtr end about over, some divergences, funds blowing up. noting has really worked on the bull side the whole way down, lets see if it plays out:




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#2 K Wave

K Wave


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Posted 23 March 2020 - 10:38 PM

Interesting Comparison to 1929 Vol Adjusted






#3 K Wave

K Wave


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Posted 23 March 2020 - 11:14 PM

Another interesting one suggesting the "One and Done" may not be as far fetched as some think....





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Posted 24 March 2020 - 09:00 AM

These stupid little overnight games haven't worked yet except for a day or two and I don't expect this one to be any different. Of course the spin is......"Oh my, they might just agree to a deal today and ALL of our problems will be solved". No. Two things. 1) Our problems will be solved when we put the country back to work and stop acting like a bunch of panicked zebras because one in the heard "might" have smelled a lion. I am certainly aware that there are people that have been seriously affected by this virus. But, it hasn't affected even 1% of the population of ANY country in the world. The death rate is still no worse than the flu. (And yes, you can divide the deaths by the "official" number of those affected and come up with a higher percentage than 1-3% but.....there is no way that the numbers of those affected are accurate (even if you quadruple the "official" numbers, you still don't reach 1%. Italy's "official" number as of this morning is 63,927. Quadruple that and you get 255,708. That is .0042% of Italy's 2018 population. I repeat. We have lost our freakin' minds.). Especially when one considers that 80% of those who are infected will only, at worst, experience symptoms similar to a mild cold. (And for this we are shutting the country down. We have gone stark raving mad.)  The swine flu (by CDC numbers) killed 12-13,000......yes killed......in the US alone and we didn't come close to doing things like we have done now. 2) Now the idea is we have a stimulus agreement. And the queen bee libbo just spoke up and said that they are close to an agreement. I even read that there is hope of another Senate vote today. First of all, the two votes that have been taken in the Senate were NOT on the bill itself. They were procedural votes on a shell package that would simply "allow" debate on the bill and then a subsequent vote on the actual bill itself. Secondly, because of Senate rules, there CANNOT be another procedural vote in the Senate until Wednesday at the earliest. Now they can do it at 12:01 AM Wednesday, but NOT before then. Then there will be debate. In all likelihood, there would not be a vote on the actual bill until late Thursday or, more likely, Friday. And then it has to get through the house.