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Risk Windows for the Week of May 18th

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Posted 16 May 2020 - 07:37 AM

According to my risk summation system the days this coming week with the highest risk of a turn or acceleration of the current trend are Monday the 18th and Friday the 22nd of May.  


Last week the Monday the 11th risk window perfectly tagged the top for the week.  The Wednesday the 13th risk window did contain the closing DJIA low for the week but missed the intraday low by about one hour which occurred early Thursday.  The jury is still out on the Friday the 15th risk window.  Friday might have been a lower top if the DJIA tanks starting Monday.  


Soapbox:  The UK and US corona strategy is best summed up in the 1987 Billy Crystal movie "Throw Momma from the Train".   This takes geezer squeezer to a whole new level.  Not only do we old farts have to contend with a FED that is trying to starve us by savaging our savings and pensions, but now the younger generation is trying to inherit early by killing us all off with the bug.  I say change your will to leave everything to the cat, the local home for wayward women or the tree hugger society to disinherit these ungrateful young'uns.  




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