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the taste of freedom after lock down

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Posted 23 May 2020 - 11:27 AM

today bycicle ride on a road reserved to just bycicles and walking persons......connecting the south part of lake Garda to a town which is 30km far from it southwards. Result..........47 km in little less than three  hours, average speed 16 km per hour, maximum speed 41 km per hour (on a short descending trait). Data provided by a little item i' ve bought and installed on my bycicle. What to say, we're getting towards normality and I hope you too all guys get to normality as soon as possible..........      

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#2 pdx5



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Posted 24 May 2020 - 07:58 AM

This covid-19 is so easy to avoid. All you have to do is wash hands with soap before touching face.

That is all basically my stage-4 cancer wife and I did on the cruise, visits to grocery stores, cancer hospital and many other places. And of course social distancing is recommended.


Few years ago we had H1N1 pandemic. So many Americans died from it. But there was no shutdown, no media news frenzy, 

no daily virus news conferences by president and governors. I barely even remember anything about that pandemic.

Stock market handled the pandemic in stride. 


So why such turmoil over this weak virus who kill less than 0.3% healthy people? 88% of people who were declared dead from covid-19 had TWO Or MORE comorbidities. Which means they were going to die shortly anyway. But obviously they did not wash their hands often. My mother-in-law is in a high level nursing facility for people with dementia and other serious problems. Nobody ever washes hands there! In fact they don't even have soap available because some residents eat the soap! No wonder half of the deaths from covid-19 are from nursing homes.


Glad to note you have some freedom back, finally.

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