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AAII snort

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#11 LMF



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Posted 10 September 2020 - 10:55 AM

After some data study on the SPX, theres some pretty good correlations I use with the CNN greedo meter. Above 30 its all normal profit taking. No exceptions ever. Below 30 its more than that. Potential downtrend stuff. Theres one dataset with SPX above the 200 day. The other with SPX below the 200 day.

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Posted 10 September 2020 - 03:45 PM



Or it could be that valuations are still astronomical and options are still screaming bullish.  Just took profits again on shorts, 41 points so far today lol!!  Lets see if we can back up to that 3420 level again today! 

do u ever play the long side??    like overnite ever? as for astronomical  valuations    https://pbs.twimg.co...LGoXYAAUKcV.jpg


I was long yesterday from 3310 to 3400 for 90 points. Long all day Friday for 27 points, and Tuesday short for 75 points then 24 points long,  I post everything under d's posts all the time.


kudos    not many are that capable