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This Week's Risk Windows

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Posted 16 November 2020 - 06:09 AM

According to my risk summation system, the days this week with the highest risk of a turn in or acceleration of the current trend in the DJIA are this Monday the 16th, Wednesday the 18th and Friday the 20th of November.  The type of summation on Friday more commonly occurs at turns up from a low in the DJIA.


Last week the Monday the 9th risk window tagged a historic moon shot rally, the Tuesday risk window did see a very modest consolidation low as expected and the Thursday risk window tagged the low for the week, so all in all not a bad performance from the system.  


Given the futures action this morning, today appears to be a continuation of the rally which began during last Thursday's risk window low.  The rally today should really put on steam to form an acceleration of that trend or form a top sometime during the day and start heading down similar to last Monday.  Next week preliminary calculations indicate a single risk window on Wednesday the 25th.  A very important market cycle which I track also tops sometime between that Wednesday and the following Tuesday December the 1st, so that should make for a very interesting holiday.  


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