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vedic astrology for december

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Posted 14 May 2021 - 10:59 AM

 as more planets come out of the dragon it seems covid has less of a grip on society. the fear this virus has generated is palatable. mars ,mercury , and the moon have left the dragon and the sun and venus will leave soon. so i believe this covid scare will be in the rear view mirror before too long.

    jupiter is in aquarius the air sun , which is much friendlier to jupiter, called guru. jupiter is more comfortable here then in its weakest station of capricorn. it is in the star dhanistha which is the drum or symphony. so the arts are being brought back to life .  then on may 22 jupiter in aquarius moves to the star satabisha which is known as the 100 physicians,it is a healing star . so look for more healing from this virus. look for healing in society.  which is being pulled apart
    saturn remains in its own sign of capricorn so  we will see if it is more rights and freedom for the people as saturn is strong here in its own sign
     sun , rahu, venus , and mercury are all in the earthy sign of taurus.  look for work to be on finances .  venus is very strong here as it is in its own sign.  look for some practical solutions to problems
     last on my list here is the moon which is full on the 26 and it is a lunar eclipse.  eclipses reveal things which were hidden from view.  so i look for some things that we are in the dark about to be revealed.    also on the 10of june is a solar eclipse. so this revealing process should continue
     this attack on the colonial pipe line is serious . the colonial provides oil and gas to the east coast. the colonial is back operating . i have read they paid the 5mil ransom dont know if its true or not . but they are back operating.
     it seems during this time there are many areas of life being pulled apart.   it is for observation only at this point , dont let it affect your peace.  there is not much one can do
we are most effective when we dont let emotions cloud our thinking
as for gold i see either or both eclipses as the start of the run . right now i dont see the build up buying of gld  so it tells me this move is stealth or investors dont believe it can have legs.  which is a good thing as a contrarian