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Posted 10 April 2021 - 04:21 PM


The reasons I am looking for  the top the third week or fourth is,  today was just a harbinger, data is going to be hot and getting even hotter. Those of you that are familiar with the concept of the risk free rate, and why the CAPM is the building block of finance, know that money managers can only apply their complex hedging strategies for so long to assuage damage, ride out the damage to the market goes North again, I heard MR. Wonderful say 3% will be the beginning of competition, I believe  that's wrong many money managers will find themselves on the canvas long before that. Look at all the damage 1 hedge fund did last week. (JMHO)



It's a bull market with a Democrat president, they don't lead bear markets. after 10-20 years people still haven't learned much on this site.



The Perfect storm......

I love my country, I fear my government.