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Hey you, yea you....Butt-brained politicians

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#1 Iblayz



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Posted 11 April 2021 - 08:15 PM

You need to wake up and smell some of the garbage that you idiots have created. Its bad enough that you have turned a flu-like virus into something akin to the black plague emotionally speaking. Maybe all that stuff I have read about your planning and scheming behind the scenes is true. But lets forget that for a moment....don't want to go there since we even have some readers and posters here who have their heads so far up the governments butt that they couldn't smell dog poo if it was smeared all over their own back.


I ran a business that I owned for 32 years. I know what it means to have reliable employees......and I know how important it is to be able to find one when you need one. I have talked with two small business owners in the last couple of weeks who decried the current employment environment. What is the problem? I am glad you asked since you morons have created it.


Each of them expressed frustration about getting people to work right now. It seems that even people who one might think would be jumping at the chance to have a job suddenly have no apparent interest in working. Why might that be.....morons? I'll tell you why. Its because you vote-buying, power-hungry weasels keep giving free money away to people and thus keep giving them plenty of incentive NOT TO WORK.


I talked with one owner Tuesday who said that he was swamped with work. (I took some equipment to his shop Friday and yes, he was really swamped.) Late in the prior week, he had interviewed several candidates for his shop. He interviewed one guy in his thirties who was out of work. He liked this guy and offered him a job. The guy said, "let me talk it over with my girlfriend and I will get back to you". The next day this is what the prospective employee said....."I talked it over with my girlfriend and she wants me to keep doing what I am doing". And what is it that he was doing? He was sitting on his butt "earning" your goofy long-term unemployment. He did, however, gain from the interview. He can show that interview on his next filing with my state (where he must actively seek a job to continue unemployment benefits), but do you think that he will tell the truth and say that he was offered a job AND TURNED IT DOWN? Can you imagine the obvious answer to that question?


My wife went to dinner with her sister late today. They went to a restaurant run by a very well-known national chain. My wife complained about the food. She and her sister ordered something that they have had many times. I have been there many times with them and have NEVER heard them complain about this dish. This restaurant was closing EARLY today. Why? The waitress told them that they are short-staffed on the floor and barely have any help in the kitchen......thus the poorly prepared food. It seems that they cannot get anybody to work. In fact, the waitress told my wife and her sister that she had been making far more money on unemployment than she was now making at work. She also said that she couldn't stand staying at home and not working. The problem is.....there are WAY, WAY too many lazy, sit-on-your-butt types who are going to milk this unemployment thing as far as you brain-dead morons push it.


Oh, by the way, how many of you have grandchildren? Do you care about them? Really? Could have fooled me.


Are you listening politicians? Do you even care? Or do you care more about your own careers and what you need to do to make more of these losers vote for you? Ah heck....never mind....I think that I know the answer to my question. Never mind. Most of you politicians are about as useful as those lazy, sit-on-my-butt types who are enjoying all of the green stuff that you are throwing their way. And, of course, what is even more incredible is we don't even have the money to be doing this. Morons!

#2 da_cheif



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Posted 12 April 2021 - 01:34 PM

iblayz   ....did u catch the 3rd season of kiefer sutherlands Designated Survivor?       the final episode and his final word   was....BULLCHIT....in reference to what poiticians were spewing

#3 pdx5


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Posted 12 April 2021 - 06:40 PM

$600 extra money added to unemployment check is good incentive for sitting on your butt, no?

I don't blame that  guy for refusing the job offer. I blame the bone-headed politicians who pass those bone-headed laws.

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