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OT: CDC "Experts" Wrong again.

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#11 Rogerdodger



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Posted 28 July 2022 - 06:30 PM

No need to be puzzled. People are wearing less masks. Here in Florida barely 10% wear masks.

Social distancing is practiced lot less. People are mingling more, going out more.


I see that too.


This may be new normal...


I think most want to get back to "normal" and party like it's 1999.

You know I didn't even care
Say, say, 2000-00, party over
Oops, out of time
So tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999


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#12 Rogerdodger



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Posted 28 July 2022 - 10:00 PM

Believe it or not.


Scientists think COVID-19 originated at a Wuhan "wet market."


A recent research article in Science Magazine has confirmed a long-suspected theory — more specifically, that "the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 occurred via the live wildlife trade in China." Specifically, researchers show that the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan, China was the "epicenter" of the COVID-19 pandemic, meaning where the virus crossed over from animal to human.

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Posted 29 July 2022 - 03:49 PM

for the umpteenth time,   zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

couldn't have said it better myself.

#14 pdx5


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Posted 29 July 2022 - 10:26 PM

for the umpteenth time,   zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

What ? Nothing to counter? That is a low IQ response yes.gif

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Posted 29 July 2022 - 11:05 PM


for the umpteenth time,   zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

What ? Nothing to counter? That is a low IQ response yes.gif


Thank you so repeat it again for the umpteenth time, zzzzzz

No longer interested in debating with IGNORANT people.

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Posted 30 July 2022 - 10:12 PM



...or "they" just hiding him again just as they did before the election?



Biden again tests positive for COVID-19, but has 'no symptoms'


I have had these same "symptoms" for years!  purebs.gif

So you can visit 96 year old Jimmy Carter without a mask...but wear one for a phone call???



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Posted 01 August 2022 - 03:41 PM

Fed-up Fauci says he's over people who won't 'adhere' to his rules!

In an interview with Katie Couric, Fauci opened up about his recent bout with the virus and his frustration with those who have not masked up and taken multiple boosters to fight it.

“Unfortunately, given the fatigue that we’re at in this country from 2 1/2 years of this, everyone is tired of it. So, it’s very difficult, superimposed upon an anti-vax type feeling among some, superimposed upon the political divisiveness we have in this country ... and social media misinformation and disinformation. It’s very difficult to get people to adhere to commonsense public health measures,” Fauci said.


I thought he is the king of social media misinformation and disinformation!

("No reason to wear a mask!"  He said that and then later admitted that it was disinformation...)

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Posted 01 August 2022 - 09:50 PM

Joe Biden: "Come on man! The vaccines work.  If you get the vaccine, you won't get covid."


People lost their jobs over vaccines that Dr. Birx said she knew ‘didn’t work’

Birx, the former White House COVID-19 response coordinator and one of the two most recognizable spokespeople during the pandemic, along with Dr. Anthony Fauci, claimed the vaccines were overplayed and that she knew they didn’t work. While this is shocking in and of itself, it is especially tragic given how many people had their employment terminated because they refused to get an ineffective and “overplayed” vaccine.


I was told the vaccines would prevent me from unintentionally spreading it to other people, including my parents who are in the at-risk categories, should I contract it. Unfortunately, I still contracted COVID and still spread it to my mother. If I had known what Dr. Birx said she knew, I can safely say I would have never chosen to get vaccinated. Fortunately, my vaccination status was not a condition for my employment. Other people were not so lucky.

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Posted 05 August 2022 - 11:43 AM

 August 5th: Covid Update as shown daily on the Drudge report. Each is showing the previous days reporting.

For easier comparison, I have removed the daily numbers and went to a once-a-week, 7-day average.

Remember, this is from what is reported daily and there are sometimes skewed numbers, likely from late reporting? added the the next day?


It appears that 2021 case numbers were increasing dramatically at the same time of year that we are now seeing some leveling in cases??

2021 and 2022 deaths show both increasing during the summer... even after all of the jabs and boosters? New variant??

(I remember thinking that summer would see decreases in transmission, just as is often the case with the FLU.)


Dr. Deborah Birx says she 'knew' COVID vaccines would not 'protect against infection'

The former White House COVID response coordinator downplays vaccine efficacy.

"I think we over-played the vaccines. But let's be very clear: 50% of the people who died from the Omicron surge were older, vaccinated."



STUDY: Long Covid symptoms affect 1 in 8...



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Posted 06 August 2022 - 12:49 PM

“Tiger in U.S. zoo tests positive for coronavirus, becomes first animal to get COVID-19,” an April 2020 headline proclaimed.


The type and frequency of animals coming down with COVID is trying to tell us something about the future of the pandemic.

Animals,like a pet, most likely launched the COVID-19 pandemic (although a controversial “lab leak” hypothesis has not quite been completely debunked). 

The pathogen now circulates in both populations, crossing over and spilling back, even if such occurrences are relatively infrequent. And like humans, animals continue to shape the pandemic, as new variants and subvariants mutate.

Similar to COVID, the H1N1 “swine flu” pandemic of 2009 is thought to have been caused by North American and European pigs intermingling, mixing strains of the flu. West Nile Virus, which originated in arthropods and is transmitted by mosquitoes, established itself in New York City in 1999 and has since become endemic in the U.S. And monkeypox, a smallpox-related virus once endemic to Africa but now sweeping the globe, was discovered in monkeys, though it’s thought to have originated in rodents.


According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, these animals are potential carriers of Covid varients:
    Pets like cats, dogs, ferrets, and hamsters.
    Zoo animals like lions, tigers, snow leopards, otters, hyenas, hippos, and manatees.
    Mink who live on farms.
    Wildlife, including scores of white-tailed and mule deer, a black-tailed marmoset, and a giant anteater.

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