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Election coming and a market drop ? do we believe that ?

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Posted 13 September 2022 - 11:04 PM

I admire posters who post FF with level of price and time line. Anything else is totally useless.


I can say DJI will hit 100,000. Well, of course it will some day in future. Without a date specified it is a useless FF.


Posting an actual timeline to any or all forecasts is an exercise in futility.


Providing actual price targets is what separates the wheat from the chaff.



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Posted 14 September 2022 - 12:29 AM




...has anyone got any news from cheif ?  while I put my face here in a day when the American indexes are dropping hard and I have turned bullish, what does he do ? he disappears.....not a word......none.....phenomenal    


What would you like him to say? He was, after all, here yesterday. Do you believe he has nothing better to do than make posts on a competitors message board? It’s probably better to skip the emotionalism…we’re all aware of his recent rudeness to you.


his rudeness to me is the last thing in the world that I am interested in. But if I put my face here, still thinking the bear is over, why can' t he put his own here to say......''hey guys, don' t worry, it' s just one day affair''......

you know i come from another culture which is the one of European Northern italy, so maybe there' s a cultural barrier between me and those who behave like him, but sincerely I am not able to understand this behavior.   


As you know, if you really, really want (and/or expect) this kind of timely information, the same information in which you have personally chastised multiple times in the past, then you should consider subscribing to his service of which I'm sure he's still providing intraday market updates. He owes you or anyone else absolutely nothing...people come and go as they please. And until the June price lows are taken out, his latest longer term views remain valid...no sense in highlighting anyone when a call or calls go against them no matter the degree of self-assurance.





I don' t want to have any timely information from anybody, I just would like to know the logical reason why one person spends a lot of cheerleading posts when the markets go his way and then disappears as soon as they go the wrong way. However this thing doesn' t keep me awake at night as I sleep very well the same, so let's leave everyboby in his own habits, me in mine and others in theirs.  

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