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Major Stock Market Top in June Expected


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#1 blustar



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Posted 26 May 2021 - 11:14 AM

I fully expect the stock market to make an important top just like Feb 12-19,2020  by June 16-22,2021.


There could be a nice drop from tomorrow into Friday before a bounce into June 2 then down into the 16 TD low due on the 4th.


Major Bradley Geo/Helio clusters and minors, and my interpretation based on my astro cycle wave theory:


May 26/27 full moon lunar eclipse  Low to High


June 2-4 High to Low


June 14 Low


June 19-24  High June 22


July 6-7 High, Low, High (period of high volatility due to warlike Mars T aspect to Saturn/Uranus square---Mars opposes Saturn July 1 and squares Uranus July 6, likely  a "b" wave before a "c" wave crash).


July 14-15   July 13 High, 15 Low, 16 High


July 18 Low (Sunday)  July 19 ortho low in strong  (March 16, 2020) stocks and gold related vehicles  


July 25-27   Irregular low on July 26?


The June-July period looks ominous with the second passage of the Saturn/Uranus square and the Mars T aspect to it in July.




Saturn R in Aquarius May 23 (May 25 top)

Jupiter R in Pisces June 20 (June 22 top)

Mercury R in Gemini May 29- June 22   A period of misunderstandings especially around the day before and after June 5 due to Mercury squaring Neptune, Neptune rules water (naval activities, water and oil) while

Mars opposed Pluto, but it should be quickly forgotten as far as the market is concerned until after the 22nd. The period between July 23 and July 1 looks bad as we approach Mars opposite Saturn July 1.


Israel is aspected today or tomorrow in a bad way, watch for war-like issues there possible, especially early on the 27th could be the reason the market possibly falls late this week

#2 gismeu



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Posted 26 May 2021 - 02:40 PM


If you can't buy Happiness, STEAL IT!

#3 GDA



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Posted 27 May 2021 - 09:23 AM

A down swing, maybe. Major top -- certainly not.

#4 redfoliage2



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Posted 27 May 2021 - 01:04 PM

More likely to see SPX at new highs in the first week of June ..........................

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