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Posted 23 August 2023 - 09:39 AM


Bitcoin August 23 daily chart alert - Price hits 4.5-month low


My wife just got a FACEBOOK post from a friend reporting that she and all of her friends are making a killing on Bitcoin trading since she became an official "BITCOIN TRADING INSTRUCTOR"

She had "proof," of all of this new wealth, showing her friends' new Jewelry, cars, homes and exclusive vacations.


I could hardly convince my wife that it was a scam until I showed her it was indeed a common fraud scheme.


Warning from the BBB!


‘If it’s too good to be true, it’s not true.'

Social media scams involving CashApp, Venmo, Bitcoin on the rise
By Eileen Street Kentucky
Can I recover my scammed crypto?
If you have been targeted by a Bitcoin scammer, using your bank account to make transactions, and your bank is refusing to reimburse the lost funds, you may be able to make a claim for an independent investigation if you believe there was more that could have been done to prevent the scam.


Is Facebook asking for login code scam?
Scammers asking for authentication codes
In reality, the scammer has already found your login information (username and password) and only needs a 2FA code to gain access to your account. If you give up a code that's sent to you, you're essentially giving up control of your Facebook account.

Can a crypto scammer be traced?
In crypto, scammers like that there is no central bank to stop fraudulent transactions. However, after the victims report the scheme to law enforcement, it is easy to trace all of the scammer's activity and work to recover the funds.

Business and government impersonation scams are next with $133 million in reported crypto losses since 2021. These scams can start with a text about a supposedly unauthorized Amazon purchase, or an alarming online pop-up made to look like a security alert from Microsoft. From there, people are reportedly told the fraud is extensive and their money is at risk. The scammers may even get the “bank” on the line to back up the story. (Pro tip: it’s not the bank.)

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Posted 25 August 2023 - 12:19 PM

IRS, Treasury cracking down on crypto tax cheats with proposed regulations


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    I want return OF my money more than return ON my money

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Posted 25 August 2023 - 01:17 PM

I have been a popular target of Bitcoin and other crypto trading experts. I am having fun wasting a lot of their time by pretending to be interested. 

I guess once you contact any such person, your email gets sold as prospective client. 

"Money cannot consistently be made trading every day or every week during the year." ~ Jesse Livermore Trading Rule