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COVID Can't be stopped. What inflation?

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Posted 31 July 2020 - 05:36 PM

I've had two in the past, both found either polyps or pre cancer.
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A bit off topic, but those with pre-cancer or worse,
Watch the documentaries ‘Forks over Knives’ and ‘What the Health’.
What you eat can have an enormous influence on your health.

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Posted 31 July 2020 - 05:50 PM

Was at Wally world yesterday to pick up prescription for my wife. Waited in line for 20 minutes in line, breathing in all the cir exhaled by people in line and customers near by.


Day before yesterday was at Home Depot shopping for garden supplies, new planters, ornamental plants and planting soil.

Breathing in air exhaled by all customers around in the store. Mowed the lawn and repaired bare spots in lawn.


Today was at cancer clinic to drop off and sit in with doctor reviewing results of tests for my stage-4 cancer. Again breathing in air exhaled by staff and patients.


Shopped for groceries at my favorite store Aldi. Again breathing in air exhaled by customers and staff.


And was at the Gym every day including weekends, doing 30 minutes of treadmill set 3 degrees up-slope, and set for 23 min/mile belt speed. Again breathing in air exhaled by all other people there before me. 


At age 80, my behavior will be called stupidly foolish by Dr Fauci and others. But I am convinced I acquired immunity getting infected on Carnival cruise ending February 29th. Had a strange dry cough post-cruise for about 10 days. I just ignored it since it was no big deal. At the time covid-19 was not in the media so much. But looking back it probably was covid-19 mild infection. I am carrying on all normal activities including visits to the beautiful St Augustine beach. 


Will report here if I get sick from covid-19. I don't think the virus has much chance to win over my well exercised lungs.

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Posted 31 July 2020 - 06:11 PM





If the supposed pandemic is really a 3 ring circus, then I think theyre competing pretty well to be the best at it. I have my normal 6 month procedure to look for stuff that could become cancerous rescheduled because I test positive for the virus and have no significant symptoms. So exactly who can demonstrate they have their head on straight and brains plugged in. If I keep testing positive because of the herd with grandkids at home, that exam may never get done. Major league error.....yjust making it up out of thin air. The big act so they appear to know whats going on. Like trying to win the Best actor academy award. This year they expect 605,000 deaths in the US due to cancer alone......and the virus can drive stupidity just fine.


Yes, think about all the colonoscopies that haven't been performed and all the cancer deaths that will result.


I've had two in the past, both found either polyps or pre cancer.  




Yup, just some of the collateral damage when you have no national strategy and are leading the world in deaths, lack of containment, and the healthcare system is overwhelmed. 



Let's not forget your TDS isn't getting treated either. 






I'm curious about how you reconcile the discrepancy between your faith in the medical guidelines about the risks of precancerous adenomas and lack of faith in the medical guidelines about the C-19? 





No reconciliation, needed, not my position. 

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