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Was today the end of my projected "T"?

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Posted 18 May 2023 - 10:43 PM

My red dotted line, (posted to on May 19th) pointed to this area in time.

Will it mean anything?



EDIT: T Originally posted on 16 April 2023... not May 19th..."So easy, anybody can do it" dunce.gif

(I picked a great time to stop sniffing glue!"



Posted 16 April 2023 - 11:43 AM

T Theory: Rally till the Ides of May?

I had drawn a crude T (beginning from the January peak of the MACD of the NYUD) into the March bottom of the same, and projecting an ending around mid May.


(NOTE:The Green T (May 1st top)  was originally drawn by https://ttheorygroup.science.blog/ )






Does that Early May low point to another T ending in early June?

Or should it be shortened to measure from the end of April for the MACD double bottom?

Where is Terry when you need him?



Only "my Subs" know! LOL! guru.gifpurebs.gif

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