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Putin, this is REALLY bad

26 Mar 2023

Posted by Chilidawgz in Fearless Forecasters

Nuclear weapons - Nato condemns 'dangerous' Russian nuclear rhetoric




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New BULL MARKET - RATE HUKE cycle ends

26 Mar 2023

Posted by dTraderB in Fearless Forecasters
Yeah, new BULL MARKET, TARGET SPX 4400 initially
But this will be a bumpy one, very volatile, huge swings.

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The battle with Microsoft over spam (and scam) emails con...

25 Mar 2023

Posted by Iblayz in Fearless Forecasters

I posted a topic about this a while back. Maybe I am carrying this a bit too far, but this stuff REALLY gets on my nerves. Whether it goes to my inbox or to a bulk or a spam folder really doesn't matter. I am going to see the email count beside the folder anyway, and at some point, they all need to be emptied. As I said, I have battled Amazon and many others over this. Amazon battled me back a bit, but after 400 plus abuse reports that I personally sent to them, they finally stopped the garbage and it has STAYED STOPPED! Sky Broadband UK stopped it after over 100 reports. AT&T, Comcast, Charter, Verizon and many smaller ISP's have dealt with it successfully. Twilio dealt with it after only four or five reports and even sent me a personal email ASKING me to make sure I send them more if received because they HATE this stuff on THEIR network. Kudos to all of the above.


Microsoft? Another issue altogether. I started noticing a huge amount of spam reports through spamcop.net going to abuse@hotmail.com so I started tracking the IP addresses. When it continued, I started duplicating the abuse reports in hopes of driving the people at Microsoft up a wall like their customers were doing to me. I say their customers because I verified that these IP addresses were "Direct Allocation" Microsoft IP addresses (meaning assigned to Microsoft for their downstream customers). I have one file with almost 400 VERY similar IP addresses that make it appear that one customer was sending tons of these (their were more things in the raw headers that supported this belief). I have now sent well over 900 direct abuse reports to Microsoft (and several execs which have no doubt blocked me). Every one of them were also sent by spamcop.net, so between them and me directly, Microsoft has received over 2000 abuse reports referencing spam, trash and garbage sent to my email address.And sadly, it appears that they have done and continue to do absolutely nothing about it. What a tragedy that the biggest and best name out there having to do with the internet is allowing this stuff on their platform. I have great respect for Microsoft (except in this regard) and also have great respect for the job Satya Nadella has done since taking over the reins of the company. Are these coming from big Azure customers and they have their head stuck so far up Wall Street's butt that they don't want to lose the revenue? I don't know, but I do know that a lot of the emails came from Azure customers. My point is simple. If Amazon, AT&T, Comcast, Charter, Verizon, Sky Broadband, and Twilio can stop this crap, then why can't Microsoft? These senders have now resorted to using big and recognizable names and or associated service marks (like iCloud for example) to scam people into opening this trash. And they are really leaning on Apple's stuff. There is no way under the sun that Microsoft cannot identify these pigs. I have also copied ALL FCC commissioners and the Inspector General of the FTC on the last hundred or so reports.



Below is from my last abuse report sent directly to abuse@microsoft.com; junk@office365.microsoft.com; abuse@messaging.microsoft.com.


"Sylvie from iCloud huh? I just read an article online today warning about these scams targeting Apple customers (and I am not an Apple customer). I have sent well over 912 direct abuse reports to Microsoft about these garbage emails and, in fact, 276 of the last 307 trash emails that I have received have come from “Direct Allocation” Microsoft customers. There is NO WAY that Microsoft does NOT know who this is, and yet they are allowing it. Combined with a third party reporter referencing trash to my address, Microsoft has received over 2015 abuse reports regarding my email address. To the FCC and FTC, put these worthless pieces of trash out of business and FINE MICROSOFT for ignoring this. They are just as guilty in my book. In just the last two weeks, Microsoft has received direct abuse reports from me regarding junk sent from the following very similar IP addresses (some are repeated several times). They have abused Apple’s name along with Kohls, Costco, McAfee and others. Somebody needs to go to jail!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I have a file with almost 400 different but similar to each other IP addresses from what I perceive to be another abusive sender (and, there is evidence within some of the headers that they are one and the same)."

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Under self-imposed silence

24 Mar 2023

Posted by andr99 in Fearless Forecasters

I'm going to shut up for some time because any bullish post from me is irritating the bulls beyond imagination and all I get is accusations of not posting anything of value here which thing makes me laugh, but given that I tend to respect whatever reaction I get from those who have different points of view to mine, here I am declaring that I will be a lurker for a while at least, reading posts, but avoiding direct partecipation. Good luck guys


BTW......tomorrow late afternoon, I've got a formidable tennis match so that I will think to that....

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don't fight the fed and don't fight the stock market

23 Mar 2023

Posted by andr99 in Fearless Forecasters

it won't do you any good if you fight them

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