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CLX,take on Costco earnings

24 Sep 2021

Posted by slupert in Fearless Forecasters

In thir earnings call Costco said they are restricting sales of toilet paper again as well other cleaning products, maybe a time for a bounce in this one,

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chinese central bank......bitcoin forbidden

24 Sep 2021

Posted by andr99 in Fearless Forecasters

bitcoin is no longer allowed in china as form of paymnent......so no money transactions are allowed in china with that crypto currency. Once in a while even a communist government does something smart

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Vanden Bossche tries again to warn

23 Sep 2021

Posted by K Wave in Fearless Forecasters

This time in really simple language for the slow kids in the back at Clown World School.




This section pretty much sums it up: I.e. It is actually the vaxxed that are the selfish ones (can't say I blame those at real risk and in extreme fear), while those like myself who took the virus head on are doing our part to actually slow this thing down, as the gene shots are not going to do jack [bleeeep] in that regard, a could realistically make things eventually much worse.


"Now, if you didn’t contract Covid-19 in the past and you got fully vaccinated, you will (for now) be protected against (severe) disease. However, if your vaccination occurs as part of a mass vaccination campaign, you, together with all other vaccinees, will exert suboptimal immune selection pressure on viral infectiousness.


This will expedite the further expansion of circulating, more infectious variants and eventually lead to dominant circulation of an immune escape variant that is both highly infectious and S-Ab-resistant.


Although you will still have taken care of your personal health, the fact that you’re part of a ‘universal’ vaccination effort will have a detrimental impact on public health in that it first threatens the unvaccinated but ultimately also all of the vaccinated people (as explained under i) and ii) above). That’s why I am always warning about snapshots and short-term perspectives."


He also talks about the complete idiocy of of attempting to vaccinate kids with very imperfect vaccines that will exacerbate the mutant problem even further, when those kids could be used at extremely low risk to greatly help achieve herd immunity.


"It’s exactly this attitude that is now motivating our health authorities and politicians to rapidly expand mass vaccination campaigns to youngsters and children. If one thinks pandemic- and public health-'wise’, we should of course do whatever we can to not further promote breeding of highly infectious variants such as to not allow them to become resistant to S-specific Abs (an evolution which is now well on its way!).


This is to say that extending mass vaccination to our children is not going to help anybody. We need to protect them as much as we can through measures other than to vaccinate them with any of the current C-19 vaccines (see previous contributions of mine). They’re having the best chances to resist the high infectious pressure from the Delta variant. When asymptomatically infected, they are key to diminishing the infection rate from more infectious variants, whereas their recovery from symptomatic infection is key to building herd immunity!"


I have been getting near daily Covid-postive close contact alerts from the both of my kids' schools for the past few weeks.

Not a single one of the kids has been anywhere close to seriously ill, and of course my kids who are already immune have not even had a sniffle.

So every time I see one, I say "Yay, another on the good side...the more the merrier."


And lastly.....


"None of the current Covid-19 vaccines can live up to the challenge of controlling a pandemic of a highly mutable virus, let alone when variants are already predominantly circulating. When vaccines work, but are not perfect, and you massively deploy them in the heat of a furious (Delta!) pandemic, then you’re in really deep trouble."


Am hoping, even though I know it is pretty much impossible at this late stage, that folks wake up to the actual reality of things before full immune escape occurs (just a few RBD changes needed), and we go into really uncharted waters.....


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Rallying or backtesting?

23 Sep 2021

Posted by steadyquest in Fearless Forecasters






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