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Posted 18 December 2019 - 12:32 PM

AP's Fake News Headlines and Climate Myopia (nearsightedness)


It’s sizzling: Australia experiences hottest day on record

“This hot air mass is so extensive, the preliminary figures show that yesterday was the hottest day on record in Australia (118 Fahrenheit), beating out the previous record from 2013 and this heat will only intensify,” bureau meteorologist Diana Eadie on Wednesday.
Cooler conditions are forecast from Friday.

But now read the real story, a throwaway line:
On Wednesday temperatures soared to 47.7 Celsius (118 Fahrenheit) in Birdsville
The highest temperature reliably recorded in any location in Australia was 50.7 Celsius (123 Fahrenheit) in January 1960, at Oodnadatta.


So when was the real (known) record set, 2019 at 118F or 1960 at 123F?

Today's so called "Weather Chaos" looks more like the norm when seen through the perspective of history and without the influence of the likes of AP as false prophets of doom supporting the Globalist control agenda.

Reality is that 106 years ago saw the highest air temperature ever reliably recorded on Earth.
For example 1913 saw both hot and cold records smashed!
The intense record heat (and cold)  of 1913 in California was not the only extreme heat measured that year in the US.  There was a widespread heat wave in June of that same year across the eastern half of the nation which resulted in many readings above 100°F.  In fact, NOAA’s official temperature records still cite June 16, 1913 as the hottest ever on a nationwide basis for that particular date.
The “Great Flood of 1913” remains one of the worst natural disasters ever for Ohio.
Later that same very eventful year, one of the worst storms ever for the Great Lakes region took place and it is now referred to in multiple ways including “White Hurricane”, “Freshwater Fury” or simply “The Great Lakes Storm of 1913”.
March 30, 1913 reported that “recent observations seem to show that glaciers are gradually disappearing all over the world”.

Weather station reliability
There are many risks when comparing high temperature records set in today's world to those set decades ago. Many of today's “official” reporting weather stations have had significant growth in development (housing, roads, etc.) in their immediate surrounding region with materials like asphalt and concrete that are known to have an overall warming effect on temperatures. This “urban heat island (UHI)” effect has become an increasingly important problem to deal with in the analysis of long-term temperature trends and the evaluation of modern day high temperature records. In the Southwest US, for example, where populations have doubled or tripled in the past 50 years near official reporting weather stations (e.g., Las Vegas, NV, Phoenix, AZ), the UHI effect has become important enough that record high temperature records of today are questioned in some locations.


One final note of interest, the coldest temperature ever recorded at Death Valley occurred in, yes, the same year of 1913.  On January 8th, 1913, the temperature dropped to 15°F at Furnace Creek which is the lowest ever recorded in Death Valley.
Climate Chaos 106 years ago


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Posted 23 December 2019 - 10:24 AM

      Got solar panels?


Friday was darkest day recorded in Seattle history


Dec. 22, 2019 at 4:30 pm

Technically, it was the darkest day ever recorded by three devices that the University of Washington installed on the roof of its atmospheric sciences building in 1996. The devices, known as pyranometer, measure the amount of solar radiation — or energy — that reaches the surface of the earth each day.

The approaching winter solstice already would have limited the amount of solar radiation reaching the atmosphere   Friday. But, mixed with the record-setting rainfall and heavy clouds that parked above the Seattle area late last week, “everything came together to give us this record,” said Cliff Mass, a meteorologist and professor of atmospheric sciences at the UW.

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Posted 09 January 2020 - 11:09 AM

National Park Quietly Removes 'Glaciers Gone by 2020' Signs...


By Roger I. Roots, J.D., Ph.D.,

Founder, Lysander Spooner University

May 30, 2019. St. Mary, Montana. Officials at Glacier National Park (GNP) have begun quietly removing and altering signs and government literature which told visitors that the Park’s glaciers were all expected to disappear by either 2020 or 2030.


But at some point during this past winter (as the visitor center was closed to the public), workers replaced the diorama’s ‘gone by 2020’ engraving with a new sign indicating the glaciers will disappear in “future generations.”

Almost everywhere, the Park’s specific claims of impending glacier disappearance have been replaced with more nuanced messaging indicating that everyone agrees that the glaciers are melting. Some signs indicate that glacial melt is “accelerating.”


A common trick used by the National Park Service at GNP is to display old black-and-white photos of glaciers from bygone years (say, “1922”) next to photos of the same glaciers taken in more recent years showing the glaciers much diminished (say, “2006”). Anyone familiar with glaciers in the northern Rockies knows that glaciers tend to grow for nine months each winter and melt for three months each summer. Thus, such photo displays without precise calendar dates may be highly deceptive.


Last year the Park Service quietly removed its two large steel trash cans at the Many Glacier Hotel which depicted “before and after” engravings of the Grinnell Glacier in 1910 and 2009. The steel carvings indicated that the Glacier had shrunk significantly between the two dates. But a viral video published on Wattsupwiththat.com showed that the Grinnell Glacier appears to be slightly larger than in 2009.


So what happens when the earth emerges from an ice age? 

Ice seems to miraculously melt.



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Posted 12 January 2020 - 09:35 AM

Dave Collum is taking on the ignorance religion cults favorite depopulation/genocide hoax




"marxism-lennonism-communism always fails and never worked, because I know

some of them, and they don't work"  M.Jordan

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Posted 20 January 2020 - 11:47 AM

https://omny.fm/show...or-david-collum  @24:00:

"Have you gotten to the motives (outside of people not wanting to lose their jobs)?

Do you think my grandfather had a point about it being a lever of economic control?

Or a push toward a one world government?"




World-wide we have un-elected bureaucrats determined to give up national sovereignty to a utopian dream, one-world government.

"Climate Change" hysteria gives them power to control WORLDWIDE all aspects of human activity from population control to the size of soft drinks and even the air that we breathe!

While mass immigration dilutes the population of countries to the point of homogenization and the False Prophet media daily proclaims, "Our strength comes thru our diversity."


As foretold 2,000 years ago:

"There are are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but will receive one hour of authority as kings, along with the beast. These kings have one purpose: to yield their power and authority to the beast." Revelation 17



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Posted 27 January 2020 - 01:30 PM

Teenage Climate "Experts"


I know a teenager who doesn't believe that her car is destroying the planet.

She has a higher IQ than Greta Thunberg!

So which one should be giving climate speeches in Davos? 

Higher IQ or Lower IQ?



Prince Charles flew 16,000 miles using three private jets before proudly posing with Greta Thunberg in Davos... Creating 162 TONS OF CARBON!!!




Cut Back on Email If You Want to Fight 'Global Warming'...


DISCLAIMER: I created 2 ounces of carbon posting this and destroyed 1/2 of the rain forests by drinking coffee.

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Posted 27 January 2020 - 07:25 PM

Warming Sabbath



"If you've heard this story before, don't stop me because I'd like to hear it again," Groucho Marx (on market history?).

“I've learned in options trading simple is best and the obvious is often the most elusive to recognize.”


"The god of trading rewards persistence, experience and discipline, and absolutely nothing else."

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Posted 28 January 2020 - 02:15 PM

To paraphrase John Mayer's No Such Thing:

"Welcome to the real world", she said to me Condescendingly.
"Take a seat."
So the good boys and girls take the so called right track.
They read all the books but they can't find the answers.
I just found out there's no such thing as the real world
Just a lie you've got to rise above."




"Environmentalists" won't allow the controlled burning of underbrush... to "save the planet" from CO2.

But whether it is burned or just decays naturally, the carbon release IS THE SAME!

Likewise, planting trees to sequester CO2 is a zero sum gain. When the tree dies and decays, it will releases that same carbon.


"Read a science book sometime!"...I said condescendingly.

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Posted 31 January 2020 - 02:28 PM

 Got solar panels?  Too bad.


Posted 23 December 2019 - 09:24 AM  
Friday was darkest day recorded in Seattle history

GLOOM: Zero Sunny Days In Pittsburgh In 2020...

Clean Power Research saw solar generation shift downward from the norm as much as 10% in many U.S. locations in the first half of 2019.

The upper midwest has now had two straight years of lower than average numbers – ranging from 5 to 9% down.
Through April of 2019, NASA measured the 12 wettest months on record with precipitation in the lower 48 states at 17% above average. In the image from Clean Power’s H1’19 analysis, we see lower generation across much of the country, with a few areas average and a couple of touches of higher than average as compared to 1998 to 2016. California, with more than 50% of the nation’s installed solar, saw between 5 to 10% less solar production. Just an average year might mean we see last spring’s records easily broken.




The PV cell manufacturing process includes a number of hazardous materials including hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrogen fluoride, 1,1,1-trichloroethane, and acetone.
Workers also face risks associated with inhaling silicon dust.
Emissions associated with other stages of the solar life-cycle, include materials transportation, installation, maintenance, and decommissioning and dismantlement.
PV cells contain a number of more toxic materials than those used in traditional silicon photovoltaic cells, including gallium arsenide, copper-indium-gallium-diselenide, and cadmium-telluride which will eventually pollute both our land and groundwater.

Additionally, there is the storage battery pollution/environmental destruction issue.

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Posted 18 March 2020 - 05:22 PM

One might easily see an inverse relationship with  the power of this virus with current historical weakness of our Sun


2019/2020 Winter headlines:
Friday was darkest day recorded in Seattle history
GLOOM: Zero Sunny Days In Pittsburgh In 2020...
Clean Power Research saw solar generation shift downward


Increased UV exposure may limit spread of new coronavirus
UV light can damage or destroy various types of pathogens, like SARS and MERS, and the destructive power of UV light depends on factors such as wavelength and the type of organism the rays are impacting.
“If the coronavirus behaves like most other viruses, then as the sun grows stronger day by day as we head towards the summer solstice, the stronger sun and increased hours of sunshine may start to take their toll on the virus, thereby helping to slow its spread, particularly as the sun gets stronger in April and May,” said AccuWeather Founder and CEO Dr. Joel N. Myers. “The point of most rapid increase in sun intensity as well as duration of the day is right now," he added, referring to the days around the vernal equinox, which occurs March 19.
One might see an inverse relationship with  the power of this virus with current historical weakness of our Sun.



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